27 Teachers from Holland Visit Lincoln UTC

October 16, 2015 2:40 pm

27 exchange teachers from Holland linked with Bishop Grossteste University drop by for a visit.

Bishop Grossteste University hosted an outreach programme to give visitors from Holland a true insight into the education system in the UK.
Attending seminars and visionary schools around Lincolnshire: Lincoln UTC was lucky to be a part in their agenda.

With a small introduction to the development of Lincoln UTC, followed by an in depth tour of the facilities. The 27 visiting teachers took the opportunity to have a question and answer sessions with staff and students throughout the course of the morning.

It was an excellent opportunity to ask questions in turn about the difference in education in Holland and what the teachers thought of just the start of the UTC. We have now secured international fans and have been given the idea to work on international links, next stop UTC goes to Holland!

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