Back To The Future with the University of Lincoln

October 10, 2015 10:09 am

Jason Bradbury guest lectures during the Great Minds season along with a visit, of a vehicle, to mark 30 years of film culture.

Lincoln UTC needs little introduction when it comes to the Gadget Man’s notoriety. As part of the University of Lincoln’s Great Minds lecture series our students took the opportunity to watch Jason Bradbury live in action during his evening guest lecture.

An evening with Jason Bradbury detailed the technologies that were and the technologies that could be. Taking a concept of 1,000 years into just 10: in terms of advancing technologies and progression within our society. Needless to say Jason Bradbury gave the audience a lot to think about.

We didn’t just part ways there either, 30 years ago Back To The Future launched into the lives and minds of a captive audience. The delorian and flux capacitor became household fantasies across the world. Now to mark the anniversary Jason Bradbury brought in his very own time space travelling vehicle. Lincoln UTC students took to the Lincoln University campus to gather with the crowds to celebrate this anniversary. Truly leaving everyone wondering if only we could have a sneak peak of 30 years ahead: 2045 really isn’t that far away after all.

Image courtesy of Year 13 photographer: Ben Clark.

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