Students join Lincoln UTC at the start of Year 10 as they make their option choices for GCSE examinations. The UTC provides students with a breadth of academic and technical qualifications to ensure that they are able to move into any field related to Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the end of Year 11.

Students study core subjects and make a choice from the range of optional subjects offered. It is important for students to appreciate that the time allocated to specialist subjects is considerable. Of the 36 teaching hours per week, students will spend 20 hours studying Maths, Science and Engineering. Students can achieve between 9 and 11 GCSE / equivalents during their two years of study.

The entry requirement for Year 10 at Lincoln UTC is a passion and commitment to our specialist subjects – Science and Engineering. Students must be willing to commit to our high standards. All students study core subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science and Engineering and select two subjects from the optional subjects offered. Options run dependent on the minimum number of applicants being reached.


School Performance Data

National and regional data not yet available for 2018 but, if results are the same as last year, this would still put us at the top with the best progress in all of Lincolnshire (albeit with a narrower margin).

Lincoln UTC 2018 Lincoln UTC 2017 National 2017
4 – 9% 4 – 9% 4 – 9%
English Language 69 63 65
Maths 84 82 69
English and maths 69 69 59


This year (2018) Attainment 8 Progress 8
Cohort totals 43.0 -0.35


Core subjects

GCSE English Language
GCSE English Literature
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE Statistics / Additional Maths (for higher ability students)
GCSE Triple Science
Engineering Systems Control & Manufacturing (equivalent to 2 GCSEs)
Sport (non-examined)
Careers, PSHE & Citizenship


Students choose one or two of the following:

Computer Science
Engineering: Systems Control

Curriculum Case Study: Engineering

Students are working with VxI Power to develop their understanding of electronics circuits. They will each be tasked to create and manufacture their own printed circuit board, using computer aided manufacturing technology. They will analyse the performance of their circuit and work with VxI Power experts to see how these concepts can be developed and utilized in a highly specialist industry.

Curriculum Case Study: Science

In the past students have worked with the Lincolnshire Police Collision Investigation Team to work out why a car skidded off a road near East Kirkby. By analysing skid patterns and collision data, teams of students work together to determine the speed of the vehicle and build a case to support their judgements. This original work has not brought greater safety to Lincolnshire roads and the intended project for 2016 has not been able to take place because fatalities have been so high the Officers in charge have been too busy with their own work. This is such a multi-disciplinary activity, involving Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Engineering, that we are already looking forward to working with Lincolnshire Police in 2017.

Other Activities

One afternoon a week is devoted to Sport, where students move over to the University of Lincoln to take part in a wide variety of sporting activities – squash, football, badminton, volleyball and wheelchair basketball…to name just a few! This is a time to try out new sports in preparation for life after the UTC – keeping fit and healthy is critical for a happy and successful future.