The desire for sustainability is driving innovation – in novel engineering solutions, construction techniques, building design and power generation. Employers need staff with the skills and training to design, deliver and maintain these new technologies, and they tell us that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right people.


Science makes a positive impact on people’s lives. In many cases, Science saves lives. Scientists use their expertise to develop real solutions for real problems. Researchers may devote their whole lives to the pursuit of Science, developing remedies for many of the challenges that face our world.

Studying Science broadens our understanding of the world around us. It allows us to develop a range of ways of thinking: analysis of observations, spotting trends and patterns, mathematics and computation, laboratory work. Our curriculum pathways in Science provide an opportunity to develop scientific skills before our students decide on their next steps and explore more deeply particular interests and talents.

The career opportunities available at the end of UTC studies are wide and varied. They include medicine, pharmacy, life sciences, nursing, pathology, laboratory technician, veterinary science…to name just a few. The opportunities really are endless. Selecting a Science Pathway at Lincoln UTC will be the start of a very bright and prosperous future.

Engineering & Computer Science

Engineering is concerned with the design, building, maintenance and use of machines, devices and structures. The discipline of Engineering is extremely broad and encompasses a range of specialised fields of engineering.

New technologies are playing an ever significant and influential role in our world. They are, for example, helping to address climate change, reduce our energy-based carbon footprint, improve the efficiency of cars and aeroplanes, develop new sources of energy, reduce the energy cost of daily life: the list is endless and as broad as the imagination of our graduates.

All of these technologies need people to develop them, apply them and maintain them – and all these people are engineers. This demand for Engineers and Computer Scientists means that jobs are plentiful and salaries are impressive. At Lincoln UTC we provide the best possible education to make a career in Engineering or Computing possible for our passionate and committed students.

The number of qualifications a student can study at Lincoln UTC in Years 12 and 13 will depend on the grades they achieve at GCSE. It is always advisable to choose subjects that complement each other and demonstrate to universities and employers that you have a range of skills that are relevant to the course/job you are applying for. To help you decide on your courses you should consider:

– Your interests and subjects that you enjoy
– Your career aspirations
– Your preferred assessment method

A-Level courses are two years in length and are very demanding, so the majority of students are expected to select three A Levels.

At Lincoln UTC students can select from the following A Level options:

  • Engineering
  • Mathematics*
  • Further Mathematics*
  • Biology*
  • Chemistry*
  • Physics*
  • Computer Science
  • Product Design
  • Business Studies (BTEC equivalent to 1 A Level)
  • Extended Project Qualification

Some subjects are called ‘facilitating subjects’. This means that they offer better preparation for students aiming to apply for courses at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. If students wish to apply to these universities, it is advised that they study at least two of these subjects. These subjects have an asterisk* next to them in the previous list.

It is very important that before embarking on A Level study, students have considered their future career pathway and checked that their chosen courses will enable them to pursue their dreams.