EBP Careers Fair for the National Health Service

October 6, 2015 8:48 am

EBP launched their National Health Service (NHS) Fair, for students considering careers in this field. Lincoln UTC joined the event with students who are considering their pathway within the NHS.

In today’s evolving care service a Doctor is not one title but can be a specialist cardiologist, for example. A nurse is not just a nurse. The job market within the NHS is wide and varied with many opportunities to develop professionally and even to truly refine your skills and be innovative to provide the best health service worldwide.

Lincoln UTC works closely with each student to refine their key skills and, where truly desired, narrow careers into a specialist field.
It was a fantastic opportunity, hosted by the EBP, to experience rich and diverse pathways within the NHS all under one roof. Not only in just showcasing the possibilities in the service and to have the opportunity to talk to professionals, but also to allow students to “have a go” on key equipment and technology.

Holli Elston a current year 13 student and attendee at the event said: “you think you have an idea of what being in the NHS service is but technology has truly changed what you think nursing could be. Now I am even more excited to follow my career path and train within this profession”. Holli is pictured ‘having a go’ on equipment she will use when she is a nurse!

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