Havier Beltran Launches Year 12 Project

December 8, 2015 6:15 pm

While on the other side of Lincoln UTC, the engineering team launched a year 12 cross-curricular engineering project with the support of, Honda Team Manager Havier Beltran.

Havier gave an inspirational talk to the year 12 students on the Honda Louth Racing Team and then was interviewed by two Lincoln UTC Students, year 12 Melissa Lannigan and year 11 Macaulay Webb; both huge motor sports fans.

During this interview Macaulay asked key background questions for advice and guidance about how to have a successful career in the motor sport industry. Havier detailed his opportunities of mixing experience with apprenticeships and study. Through continually absorbing advice and guidance at all stages of ones career.

Macaulay asked about the future link with Honda Racing Team and Lincoln UTC, Havier replied: “I think we have got fantastic facilities in Louth. It would be nice over the coming years that we have the opportunity for students, from the college, to attend and work with us at the workshop which will hopefully feed-back into the industry. That is a nice goal to work towards in the end.”

Lincoln UTC is proud to offer such fantastic industry opportunities and enrichment activities to all our students; as part of the ethos to engage employers within the curriculum.


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