Institute of Directors Annual Christmas Lunch

December 8, 2015 12:01 pm

Lincoln UTC had the privilege of being invited to the annual Institute of Directors (IoD) Christmas lunch. Through the invitation of the Industry Advisory Board partner Chris Trigg, Director of Crucis Consultants.

Through the generous invitation Chris included: Lincoln UTC Principal, Dr Rona Mackenzie; Marketing Officer, Holly Pickering; Year 12 student, Emma Boden; Year 12 student, James Pickett; Year 12 student, Tara Loftus and Year 12 student, Tristan Bedford.

The event was the opportunity for Lincoln UTC to meet new businesses and enjoy a treat of the first superb Christmas dinner at The Bentley Hotel, Lincoln. The students were able to experience a business event, with the opportunity to network and be introduced to new companies.

Seated at table 8, Lincoln UTC met Jo Rimmer of Warranty Services Ltd, Graham Hodges of Turbine Efficiency and Andrew Keen, Director at Househam Sprayers.

The meal was followed by a lifetime achievement award and guest speaker, Mr Colin McFarlane. Naturally a key photo opportunity for the Lincoln UTC team as Emma was the first to jump in for an autograph after his talk! [Picture inset].

It was a wonderful afternoon and a great start to the festive period. Lincoln UTC can’t thank Chris enough for his generous invitation.

More information of Crucis Consultants can be found through the link here.

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