Introduction to PAACT – Parents and Autistic Children Together

November 14, 2016 11:40 am

We have been contacted by Gordon Forsyth, Chair of PAACT, to inform us of their group.

I would like to introduce you to PAACT ( Parents And Autistic Children Together ). We are a parent led support Group to provide support for parents and family when they feel they need help and advice on everything Autism. We pass on our own stories and methods of what has worked for us and help you build up your own imaginary bag of resources to use when you feel nothing else is working.

We meet Bi monthly where you can have a cuppa and a cake or biscuit and listen to what other parents have to say and join in with your own stories. We run workshops for newly diagnosed or parents waiting for a diagnosis called understanding Autism.

  • Youth Clubs
  • Games Club  
  • Talks from International speakers 
  • workshops from established trainers and people with Lived experience in Autism.

I hope you decide to become a member of PAACT, our membership is standing at 158 families and professionals to date.

Gordon Forsyth

Chair of PAACT.








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