It is all about SHD and the Bloodhound

October 24, 2014 10:58 am

Our year 10’s were treated today to a tour around SHD Composites Materials Ltd. SHD work at the leading edge of composites technology, SHD Composites manufacture a wide range of Thermoset Prepregs which include Carbon, Glass, Aramid and Hybrid fabrics. Located centrally in Sleaford, in a brand new state of the art facility, benefitting from over 20 years experience in high performance composites. Whilst onsite, the tour led to The Bloodhound Project, a global engineering adventure using a 1000 mph World Land Speed Record attempt to inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The mission statement is to; create a unique, high-technology project, focused around a 1000 mph World Land Speed Record attempt. Share this Engineering Adventure with a global audience and inspire the next generation by bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life in the most exciting way possible. Our young engineers certainly saw the engineering adventure first hand, preparing for the own achievements and breaking their own land speed record. We can’t wait to see how quick our year 10’s zoom!

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