Learning about engineering at Lincoln UTC

November 3, 2014 10:57 am

Our news reports have commented on the external activities of our students of late. We wanted to bring you something more in-house. As an introduction to engineering and preparing our students for their mechanical minds, we have set to employ the help of two wheels. Our students will be learning about: materials; the mechanics of and importance of details in each nut and bolt; materials which will perish and need replacing and if there are materials which, viably sourced would be better. As a green mode of transport they will see how to take apart, solve a problem and rebuild for a viable solution, as well as exploring options to improve this mode of transport. Such an ethos can be learned as a skills on an object so simple and vital that we can carry forward as the basis for their engineering future. One day our students will write of such practices as understanding materials, seeking a problem and guiding a solution, but our students will be working on anything from planes through to turbines engines in their future career. We are excited to say, engineering starts with a bike!

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