Newsletter 09 January 2017

January 9, 2017 2:49 pm

Monday 9 January

Dear Parents/Guardians

It gives me much pleasure to compose my first newsletter on behalf of the staff and students of Lincoln UTC and as Interim Principal.

Education is much in the news, including a Government initiative to introduce more Grammar schools, and it will not have escaped your notice that UTCs have featured prominently. Not all the stories have been good and it is disappointing to note that some UTCs have been forced to close or have failed to open. The work done by my predecessor, Dr Mackenzie, has gone a long way to ensure the success and future of Lincoln UTC; my colleagues and I will be building on these strong foundations, delivering a first rate education based on a simple vision: every student is an individual and will experience personal success. The Government has also announced that all secondary schools will be required to write to their Year 9 students outlining the options available at KS4. Not all institutions are the best fit for all students and Lincoln UTC suits some more than others. This initiative will allow students the opportunity to make an informed choice and we look forward to welcoming more students to Lincoln UTC. This is in the consultation phase but welcome news nevertheless.

The New Year and academic term have begun at a frenetic pace and I am delighted to welcome back a full complement of staff. This includes some new faces: Trevor Olsson in Computer Science; Helen Hargreaves and Alex Mead in Science as well as Wendy Caudle as Lab Technician, supported by Kevin Price; Glen Moore is our Geography teacher; Matthew Hammerton is supporting our Marketing; Phil Duff joins the Engineering Department as Technician; Kennedy Taylor-Camm as full-time Head of English. Year 11 mock examinations took place in December and full results, along with written reports, are due home soon. Please take the opportunity to join us on Monday 16 January, from 1600 – 1900, for the Year 11 Parents’ Evening. Not only will this provide guidance on how sons and daughters can realise their potential in the summer examinations, it is also a chance to discuss A-Level options and consider if Lincoln UTC is the most appropriate post-16 destination.

Our careers’ programme provides excellent advice as well as exposure to a large number of businesses, employers and lecturers. Guided by the redoubtable Mrs. Doughty, Year 13 students are finalising their post-school plans and, with mock examinations just around the corner, beginning to experience the pressure of their most significant assessments yet. Our lecture programme has already begun with a survey from Addaction and a talk on Welbeck Sixth Form Defence College. There are lectures lined up with Siemens presenting on apprenticeships and Andrew Flatley from Qintiq launching a controlled assessment project. The Science Department, now with Dean Orviss at the helm, has some exciting lectures planned, including The Antikythera Project (University of Birmingham) and Professor Janet Lord (University of Birmingham – immunology and ageing). If parents would like to attend any of these events please contact me.

We are always looking for support from our community and if you have an area of expertise or special interest you would like to share, please do get in touch. I am also looking for some gardening advice to add to that already offered by our receptionist, Mrs Booth. Our grounds are not extensive but they contain a variety of plants that are now well established and need management: if you can advise on how and when to prune your input would be much appreciated.

Lincoln UTC must complete a government census in order to receive funding and this year we have to include country of birth and nationality. We collected some of this detail last term but our records are incomplete. An email will be sent to all parents requesting this information and your prompt response and cooperation will be appreciated.

It just remains for me to wish you all a prosperous New Year

Paul Batterbury

Interim Principal