Newsletter 18 May 2017

May 18, 2017 6:36 am

Newsletter 18 May 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians

We continue to make great progress as we further develop Lincoln UTC along the lines of its innovative vision. Recently our exciting project with the RAF saw our Year 12 engineers spend a day at Scampton whilst a team of younger students have taken on the task of decorating our Siemens sponsored Knight.

We are part of a larger family of UTCs and we are working with others to develop these technical schools in their diverse forms. We would like to know what our young people think of UTCs and I have been asked to draw students’ attention to an on-line survey we wish them to complete. It takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and students can access it here:

Students completing the survey are entered into a prize draw and have an opportunity to win one of five £20 Amazon vouchers.

Blue whale

Parents and guardians may have heard about a social media phenomena called ‘Blue Whale’. This invidious on-line game now comes in several guises, all of which are deeply unpleasant. Through a series of 50 challenges, participants are led down an increasingly desperate spiral of self-harm culminating in suicide. Please be aware of this as you set your parental controls at home.


We have a duty of care to our students, your children. This includes being able to identify who should and should not be on site. The simplest, easiest way of doing this is through our lanyard system. Staff wear blue lanyards, visitors either red or green lanyards, depending on the level of checks carried out on them. Students wear lanyards too, in common with many business. Please insist that your son or daughter comes to school with their lanyard.


Parents and guardians are reminded that we have limited parking at the UTC and this is reserved for disabled access only. We have bollard in place to prevent uninvited guests and to control traffic flow. If you need disabled access when visiting the school, please contact Reception. I am afraid we cannot allow general parking for parent events or the like.

Email updates

We are currently experiencing significant issues with one of our software ‘add ons’. This is preventing us from sending out regular updates, reports or letters. It is worth bearing in mind that some contact details change quite frequently and we would be grateful if you would inform us of any changes, especially for emergency contact or emails.

Study Leave

The full study leave guidance is available elsewhere: below is a summary of what is being sent home for Year 11, 12 and 13 students.

Dear Year 12 Parents/Guardians,

Attached is a summary of our Guidance on examination leave for the summer series 2017. You may recall that the new A-Level examinations are now linear with terminal examinations at the end of Year 13. There are some exceptions, most notably Mathematics. All Year 12 students have internal end of year examinations in July but a few will have public examinations in Mathematics. You will see in the Guidance that there is no examination leave for Year 12 students as we strongly believe we can prepare students much more effectively at school than if they work from home. You do not have to do anything with the form on the Guidance as it only applies to Year 13 and Year 11 students.

Dear Year 13 and Year 11 Parents/Guardians,

Attached is a summary of our Guidance on examination leave for the summer series 2017. The key date is Monday 5th June when the main body of examinations commence. Year 13 students may take examination leave from Monday 5 June. Consequently Year 13 students can attend school although we accept that some prefer to work from home during the examination period.

After half term, from Monday 5 June, Year 11 students are expected to attend school as their teachers prepare them for each examination as they arise.  Year 11 students may opt for examination leave from Monday 19 June. On any Monday afternoon, Year 11 students who do not have an examination may leave school after the 14:00 registration or they can remain at school to revise or attend support classes. If they have a Monday examination, Year 11 students may remain at school or sign out to travel home once the examination is finished.  Year 11 students may leave school at 16:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from Monday 5 June.

The Guidance explains the detail and includes a simple form which we would like you to complete. This should be returned to school prior to Friday 26 May. This is important as it will allow us to monitor students and predict their attendance, responding to absence in case of missed examinations, welfare and security. Your prompt co-operation in this matter is much appreciated. Please complete both forms, retaining one copy at home and returning the other to school by Friday 26 May.

Please note: until the formal examination period begins, from Monday 5 June, our normal timetable applies. This allows us to prepare students for their examinations, maintain a business-like approach to our school day and continue the programme of personalised interventions that has proved so effective in raising standards. Even if an examination takes place in the afternoon, students are expected to abide by school rules and follow our usual working routine.

Awards Evening and Trophies

Some students in Year 13 and Year 11 would have received trophies at the Awards Evening held in September. If you son or daughter was one of the lucky recipients we would be grateful for the return of the trophy so it can be re-awarded at this year’s event. Please bring trophies into school before the final examination is taken.

I am delighted to say that numbers are buoyant, employer sponsors are increasing and we have assembled an excellent teaching team for next year. Please do keep in touch as we look forward to the last few months of Lincoln UTC’s fourth year!

Yours faithfully
Paul Batterbury