Newsletter 16 January 2017

January 16, 2017 9:22 am

Dear Parents/Guardians,

January is usually about challenge, whether it’s resolutions, new circumstances or simply a raised awareness of what lies ahead as students reach the mid-point in their academic year. Year 13 students are receiving offers through UCAS and this helps focus us all on the summer examination series. Recent public examinations and re-sit results remind us that complacency is a hidden menace and we must remain vigilant.

We are focusing on two groups of Year 11 students at the moment, those for whom examinations are a genuine challenge and another who are at risk of cruising to ‘nearly their best’. Regular contact with parents and guardians is important and I am grateful for the support we do receive when we contact home. I would like to congratulate the Mathematics Department for the work it has done in guiding students through their re-sits: their success rate at nearly 100% again far exceeds the national standards. However, it is a salutary reminder that all students must pass English and Mathematics or face more examinations until they do.

In the spirit of challenge, and in keeping with an iconoclastic approach to traditions that saw a ‘reverse advent’ in December, Mrs Brace has asked students and colleagues to join her in trying to achieve something special in 2017. Her own targets are considerable and she is raising money for a variety of charities including Macmillan. Our community has not been slow to pick up the gauntlet and the following gives a flavour of what I will report on in the coming months. A Year 10 student aims to learn 500 Chinese words; members of the sixth form are aiming to cycle a thousand miles, complete 15 advanced mathematics problems and refine their circular breathing to improve their Didgeridoo playing. Not to be out done, two members of staff have signed up to do the Lincoln 10 km whilst another has started karate classes.

Lincoln UTC is more than just its students, teachers and the lessons. We established a cricket team in our early years and it continues to enjoy success. The cricket team, founded by Lincoln UTC staff, is playing its second season of the winter indoor league. Although the name has altered, the team includes both staff, parents and now former students. The team is placed second in the league at the half-way point, only separated by runs scored. They expect to make the finals in mid-March.

I congratulate Mr Little on being asked by BGU to join their Business and Enterprise Advisory Board, a consequence of the strong relationship developed between the UTC’s Business Department and BGU over the past 30 months. The Board is central in ensuring that the Business and Enterprise area meets the needs of regional business and education sectors, as well as the needs of the community in general.

Our programme of engagement continues to expose our students to the world of work, demonstrating how their academic subjects become salaries. BMW has agreed to visit Year 10 Business students to talk about marketing. This is directly related to an assignment that students are presently working on in class. Last week saw project work meetings with members of RAF Scampton and Qinetiq to discuss cross-curriculum input in science, maths and engineering. Qinetiq launched an engineering manufacturing project for the Year 11 controlled assessments. Siemens visited to promote their apprenticeship opportunities. Applications are now open and close on 1st March. There is an open event at Siemens on Saturday 28th January at their main site in Lincoln. Apprenticeships are a genuine alternative to a university education and Mrs Doughty is happy to provide further details and advice. We do not overlook the challenges faced by our students and the Life Guidance sessions deal with a range of issues that concern our young people: recently Addaction led group sessions with Y11 and Y13. In the week ahead Dr Antonio Portas, Senior Lecturer at Leeds Becket University, will be talking to Year 12 about STEM and Physics courses whilst the Army is coming in to see Year 11 about their career opportunities.

It is appropriate to remind parents and guardians that the UTC is a no-smoking site and students must not smoke (and this includes the use of e-cigarettes) at school. Mrs Weaver wrote to all families last week to remind them of our medication procedure and I shall take this opportunity to ask you to ensure that should your son or daughter require medication at school that they follow procedure and hand in any medicines. Mrs Weaver has also asked me to draw your attention to the following website that provides legal advice for young people:

All parents/guardians will have received information about their child’s academic performance. This is in a new format and it is important to understand that a student’s current grade it not the same as their target grade. We expect our students to make progress during their courses, becoming more proficient in each subject. Consequently, we are reporting on whether an individual is on track to reach their target grade at the end of the course. If you have any questions about the new format, please contact Mr Hamer (Vice Principal) or individual teachers.

Yours faithfully

Paul Batterbury