Lincoln UTC opened in September 2014, specialising in Science and Engineering. We provide a broad and balanced GCSE curriculum for students aged 14-16 as well as specialist studies in Engineering. At 16 students design their own pathway, selecting from an array of Cambridge Technical and A Level qualifications in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and associated subjects. Full details are available on the Curriculum pages of this website.

Performance Data

In 2017 Lincoln UTC was the highest performing A Level provider in all of Lincolnshire and our progress score was more than twice as high as the next best school.

In 2018 we were still one of the top performers but ranked slightly lower at 4th out of 42 Post-16 providers. In 2019 we aim to be back in first place.

These statistics do not take into account results from our triple BTEC in engineering. In 2018 for the second year in a row we achieved a 100% pass rate. All students achieved at least merit grades and 70% achieved distinction grades.

School Performance Data

Lincoln UTC 2018 Lincoln UTC 2017 National 2017
4 – 9% 4 – 9% 4 – 9%
English Language 69 63 65
Maths 84 82 69
English and maths 69 69 59
This year (2018) Attainment 8 Progress 8
Cohort totals 43.0 -0.35

Please see the following link for the summer 2018 performance tables:  School Performance Data

Ofsted Report 2019

In a recent Ofsted inspection Lincoln UTC has been praised for ‘outstanding’ student development, behaviour and welfare, for ‘outstanding’ leadership, and for an ‘outstanding’ post-16 study programme.

Lincoln UTC places a strong emphasis on supporting student’s aspirations and career destinations with high-quality advice and guidance. Ofsted highlight that the majority of our students who apply for higher education courses secure their first-choice placement, and many are also very successful in securing prestigious apprenticeships.

Specific recognition is given in the report to the impeccable behaviour of students in response to the close support, care and guidance afforded to them by staff. Students at Lincoln UTC have exceptionally positive attitudes towards learning; they are diligent, polite and respectful. Expectations are set consistently high, and our students respond to this with enthusiasm and commitment.

Our ethos is described by Ofsted as being ‘exceptionally positive, underpinned by a strong set of values to which all members of the college community subscribe’. Students recognise Lincoln UTC as a welcoming and inclusive place to be, and many who spoke with inspectors expressed that the move to study with us was one of the best decisions they had made. The overwhelming majority of parents that responded to Ofsted’s online survey would recommend the college…they recognise the extra mile staff will go in order to ensure our student’s academic, social and emotional well-being.

The overall effectiveness of Lincoln UTC was judged by Ofsted to be ‘good’…with many aspects described as remarkable, impeccable or exceptional. Read the full report here: Lincoln UTC Ofsted Report.

The report can also be read on the Ofsted website: