Lincoln UTC opened in September 2014, specialising in Science and Engineering. We provide a broad and balanced GCSE curriculum for students aged 14-16 as well as specialist studies in Engineering. At 16 students design their own pathway, selecting from an array of Cambridge Technical and A Level qualifications in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and associated subjects. Full details are available on the Curriculum pages of this website.

Performance Data

The Redbourne School data team (independent analysts) calculate that the A Level value added score would be +0.33 (based on 2017 benchmarks)

School Performance Data

National and regional data not yet available for 2018 but, if results are the same as last year, this would still put us at the top with the best progress in all of Lincolnshire (albeit with a narrower margin).

Lincoln UTC 2018 Lincoln UTC 2017 National 2017
4 – 9% 4 – 9% 4 – 9%
English Language 69 63 65
Maths 84 82 69
English and maths 69 69 59


This year (2018) Attainment 8 Progress 8
Cohort totals 43.0 -0.35


Please see the following link for the summer 2017 performance tables:  School Performance Data

Ofsted Report 2017

Ofsted visited Lincoln UTC on 21 and 22 February. This is a usual procedure for a new school or college. We are pleased with the general findings of our report, particularly those relating to our 16 – 19 provision (the sixth form) and what is known as ‘Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare’. Having already identified, through rigorous self-evaluation, several areas that require further development we are already addressing the issues that the inspection report indicates ‘requires improvement’.

We are delighted that the general tone is very positive and notes our significant progress and success in many areas.

The report can be read here: link to report

You can visit the ofsted website here