Rich Cottell Performs LIVE at Lincoln UTC

December 8, 2015 6:11 pm

Lincoln University Technical College launched two important projects with two key messages.

 The first was a performance by Rich Cottell around e-safety and cyber bullying. Rich performed to both year 10 and year 11 students, with 6th Formers looking on. Rich has been on tour since February 2015, delivering his e-safety to over 250,00 pupils in UK schools and settings. The UTC were delighted to welcome an energetic and engaging performance which students actively participated in; even dueting with Rich at one point! 

Following his performance Rich had time for autographs, selfies and a personal questions as to why Rich was devoting his time to spreading the message about the importance of staying safe on line. Rich said: “The reason I do it is because I watched people do talks and I watched it bounce off kids, I know I could do this in such a way that the kids would have a great time but also remember key online safety advice and tools to use to stay safe.”

Rich will be on tour in Nottingham next week and we are sure his 40,000 followers on social media will now include Lincoln UTC students.


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