The First Day

September 7, 2015 7:32 am

After months of contractors, arranging classrooms, checking furniture and cleaning corridors: Lincoln UTC was ready. Staff had spent an intensive four days training, absorbing information and preparing for the final step to fully open for the academic year. All Lincoln UTC was missing was our students.

By 8:30am on Monday 7th September Lincoln UTC was a new place. The building was transformed, once again, with nervous excitement as new students were greeted by new teachers and familiar faces welcomed the first walk into their new home.

The start of the day was met not just with new faces and a brand new building but also with the support of both The Lincolnite and The Lincolnshire Echo. We were very lucky to have the local press on site to truly capture the first morning at Lincoln UTC. The day continued aligning new Mentor groups and delivering key information. Including a welcome talk from Dr Rona Mackenzie.

Months of planning and waiting it was finished: the whole day flew past quickly. However, while staff had completed the last induction talks and students left the building Lincoln UTC was not only left with the excitement of the year ahead but also the overwhelming support. As well wishes came across from business and partners and the articles of what the first morning truly looked like went live online. The first day, full of happy faces, key messages, outlined expectations and study had set the right tone for the year ahead and more news to follow.

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