The National Health Service Test Young Doctors

October 23, 2015 12:34 pm

It has been amazing to watch the Twitter Feed report across stories and news of Year 11 work experience. This afternoon Lincoln UTC visited Isabella Hebborn and Yasmin Martin placed at two departments in Lincoln County Hospital.

Isabella was the first to visit at the Maxillo Facial Unit. Isabella had spent the first few days watching the structure of the department and learning a little bit more about how unique the ward was. Isabella said: “I didn’t realise it helped with everything from the shoulder up, except the eyes, this meant facial reconstruction from cheek bone fractures. It was not just teeth and that has been so interesting”. Learning the inner workings of a department meant Isabella could understand there is more to hospital dentistry than patients expect.

Yasmin was the second visit on the Hatton Ward. The patients here were long term patients and needed a different field and tact to not just diagnose the illness but overall treat the patients to allow them to feel strong enough to leave. Yasmin reported her favourite part of work experience was the Doctors rounds and being part of the leading Consultant’s morning procedure. Yasmin has a firm career path ahead inspired into new heights of diagnosis and Consultancy.

A huge thank you to the NHS and Lincoln County Hospital this week for inspiring our students [image: left to right: Isabella Hebborn: Yasmin Martin].


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