The University of Lincoln: Great Minds Lecture Part II

November 11, 2014 11:17 am

Lincoln UTC was offered a great opportunity to join an all inspiring team of Great Mind Talks. This lecture was following on from one previously attended. However, with a celebrity twist, the world renowned Red Arrows Pilot, Squadron Leader David Montenegro. Sqn Ldr Montenegro, formally known by his call sign Red 1, took the audience through an extra-special insight into what it meant to fly for the Red Arrows. He examined the role of teamwork, leadership and trust. Red 1 took us through his growth into such a prestigious position with a visual guideline from the drivers seat. We learnt about the demanding regime of the Red Arrows team and the commitment required to preform on a global scale. The talk was a great insight into inspiring our young minds to follow their dreams – after all, it took Sqn Ldr Montenegro a few attempts to submit his application and now he leads the most prestigious aerobatic team in the world.  An opportunity to capture such a life changing story was a magic moment for the Lincoln UTC students. One day, who knows, Red 1 may be able to start a story by sitting in a UTC suit, recalling the steps they made to be called Squadron Leader for the Red Arrows.

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