The Year 10 Royal Air Force Induction

September 9, 2015 7:38 am

It was day two at Lincoln UTC and the Year 10’s were taken away on their first visit to the Royal Air Force Base at Cranwell. The coach arrive at 09:00 hours and the students were met in force by Squadron Leader Tamzin Keenlyside, Squadron Leader Mal Gavin, Flight Lieutenant Bruce Pettit and the Royal Air Force Recruitment team.

They were taken to the assault ropes course to begin key activities the Air Force use within their recruitment and training programmes. The morning began with team work and communication. It didn’t take long for the new year 10’s to move from the nervous excitement of yesterday. Soon leaders were forming; directing teams. Groups were challenging how to become more effective. Communication was key and the link between successful team activities.

After a morning of drills and exercises the students were treated to lunch in the mess; more formally the dining hall at RAF Cranwell. Not only to be catered for but also to sit amongst the pilots, commanders, officers and trainers of the Royal Air Force. The Royal Air Force Rugby League had been training all morning and it was definitely a competition on who had the greater appetite!

The afternoon was spent on the ropes and assault courses. Students were drafted into small team and challenged at each stage. Linking communication, team building and determination as the main themes of the day. We can’t thank the Royal Air Force recruitment team enough, it truly bonded a new cohort together and already brought forward natural leaders: who knows potential RAF Squadron Leaders in the making!

For the latest on the Royal Air Force Recruitment link here .

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