Work Experience Continues At Hartsholme Academy

October 26, 2015 10:50 am

Hartsholme Academy, located in the LN6 quarter of Lincoln are a primary school with a unique structure. They helped Lincoln UTC this week by giving Oliver Dray a work experience point of view with a twist.

Keen on Computer Science and technology in schools Oliver was about to encounter the immersive learning environment of the unique Class Nine. Each term Hartsholme focus a new classroom theme and submerge their pupils in that environment. It is through this channel that pupils are then taught the logistics of the curriculum, discovering English, Maths and Science in wonderful and insightful ways.

Oliver based his week in Mario Land, as Class Nine’s first term immerses the pupils within Mario World, focusing on all things ‘gaming’.  This passion and enthusiasm give students a new perspective on the curriculum. It also gave Oliver a chance to develop a new format to communicate computer science to.

Watch out for more news stories with Hartsholme later in the term.

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