Year 13 Conference Call with Jaguar Land Rover

November 11, 2015 5:24 pm

Joined by colleges from across the UK Lincoln UTC participated in a virtual conference call with Jaquar Land Rover to gain first hand advice on routes into their leading apprenticeship scheme.

Virtually University (VU) was launched in 2004, by Bedford School and the University of Sheffield with the sole aim to link schools with a variety of universities and later businesses, on a digital platform. Web conferencing allows young people, primarily key stage 4 and 5, to be informed and inspired to make the important decisions relating to their Higher Education (HE) and career paths.

VU is a free resource for schools which allows employers and universities, based anywhere in the UK, to link directly with up to five schools on a single session. It allows the students the opportunity to get first-hand information about the schemes, entry requirements and career pathways into that business or institution. It breaks down the geographical and logistical barriers to allow students contact with each other and placements from anywhere in the UK. VU also gives students time to ask direct questions of recruitment advisors or other representatives from the organisations in order to assist them in making informed decisions about the wide ranging opportunities available to them.

On Friday 6th November Lincoln UTC was given a chance to link with Amanda Murphy, the recruitment lead for the apprenticeship programme at Jaquar Land Rover. The conference linked with four schools and colleges from around the UK, as 26, year 13 Lincoln UTC engineering students listened and asked questions about the career pathways within Jaquar Land Rover. Students received key information directly from recruitment leaders about the scheme. Annually Jaquar Land Rover look to recruit approximately 200 apprentices with the apprenticeships beginning in September each year. Those who are successful are immersed in specialist training and further study for professional qualifications. George Barber, current Lincoln UTC year 13 student was eager to learn more about the details of the applications process. George said: “it was a really positive and encouraging experience, to have the time with an expert recruiting advisor. Not only for advice that answered questions on the programme and study itself, but also about what is next in terms of applying for the scheme. This also made me feel excited and informed about the next stages ahead.”

George, along with 8 other Lincoln UTC students will be competing amongst thousands of other applicants from across the UK – the last recruitment cycle received over 8,000 applications. Along with benchmark testing and invitations to the assessment centre the application process will be rigorous. However, along with the other students, it was fantastic to see young people gain personal encouragement and engagement for the vast amount of opportunities that lay ahead of them. Like the other students, George is not only planning the apprenticeship route, but also his future career.

Amanda, the recruitment advisor who presented the conference video link said: “this is an amazing opportunity to start in the world of work and begin your career, from a top rated company”.

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