Fresh potatoes, seed potatoes, processing potatoes, ready prepared potatoes…we handle around 350,000 tonnes of potatoes a year so we like to think we know a thing or two about them! In fact, our expertise is unrivalled and it’s why our retail, wholesale and foodservice customers put their trust in us. But our expertise goes much further than supply and demand. We offer our customers real innovation, whether developing new potato varieties, packaging solutions or cutting-edge processes. And it’s not just fresh potatoes. We’re also continually developing our great range of innovative, ready-to-cook prepared vegetables.

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Our students learn their academic knowledge and technical skills in very practical methods. We are keen to see what our students are inventing, creating and designing, both in the UTC and in their spare time at home. Send us a photo to our twitter feed or Facebook page @UTCLincoln and show us how ingenious you are!

The Learning Environment & Campus

Lincoln UTC has been designed to reflect the worlds of industry and higher education. Students feel as though they are operating in a working environment, wearing business attire to the UTC each day and operating their day independently from bells. As they work in the UTC they use cutting edge technology in Science, Engineering and Computer Science, reflecting the exciting challenges of the technical industries in which they are immersed. Our facilities have been purposefully designed to meet the needs of our challenging curriculum and our industry partners, who are the future employers of our students.