Employer Partners

Lincoln UTC students develop their academic knowledge, technical skills and personal qualities by working with our industry partners on innovative curriculum projects. These projects span our specialist subjects and are fully integrated into GCSE, Cambridge Technical and A Level qualifications.

Why the UTC?

Lincoln UTC has a dynamic and inspiring vision – to develop the next generation of Scientists, Engineers and Computer Scientists who together will help solve the global challenges that lie ahead of us all.

To achieve our vision, our philosophy is clear - in pursuit of excellence, we create a supportive, innovative environment and develop professional, respectful relationships.

This is an education revolution, a unique opportunity for students aged 14-18 who are passionate about Science, Engineering and Computing - to be inspired and to succeed beyond their imagination.

Welcome to
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Dr Rona Mackenzie

I am privileged to lead Lincoln UTC and excited by the opportunities that lie ahead. Our first cohort of students, travelling from across Lincolnshire, joins us in Years 10 and 12. They have a unique opportunity – to train as scientists and engineers in the exciting context of real-life industry experiences. My goal is to ensure that their individual and collective success is at the heart of every action and decision made at Lincoln UTC. We will guide them as they lay the foundations for what will be the start of an exciting educational experience that leads to outstanding achievements in the fields of engineering and science.

Graduates of Lincoln UTC will be well rounded, confident and articulate. Academically, technically and practically experienced in Science and Engineering, they will be comfortable working in industry and prepared for a lifelong journey of learning throughout their working careers. They will be committed to the highest standards of achievement and attention to detail, seeking to be the best they can be in their chosen field. Their ability to work effectively, both independently and as team members, and their innovative, creative and dynamic attitude towards working and learning, will ensure that they are both highly employable and successful in obtaining places at universities or with employers of their choice. Lincoln UTC graduates will be the very best scientists and engineers their potential allows as they finish their schooling at 16 or 18.

I am sure you will be excited by what you read on our website and have further questions that you wish to explore. I encourage you to attend one of our many Open Days, events and activities so that you can meet our staff, ask questions and explore your future at Lincoln UTC.

Part of

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are technical secondary schools for 14-18 year olds. They offer a broad curriculum that combines an academic education with technical and practical learning. A university and local employers back each UTC. Their vision is to offer young people a high quality technical education that provides employers with the skilled engineers, scientists and technicians that they need to secure their continual and future growth.

The values of all University Technical Colleges are:

- the integration of technical and academic education is critical;
- practical work is as highly valued as academic work;
- the curriculum is responsive to the needs of employers and universities;
- project based learning is habitual;
- students can see clear progression pathways when they leave the UTC;
- students are given the skills and experience to prepare them for highly valued employment.

The ethos of UTCs is to be professional, dignified, energetic, inspirational and enjoyable.


When we are curious to explore or advance a concept, learning is exciting, novel and highly rewarding. Learning at the UTC is innovative and in free time students are free to explore the 'new', pursue passions and unearth the unknown. The UTC works alongside business experts and university academics to stretch the minds of staff and students. There are no boundaries to what we may achieve...learning cannot get more exciting and innovative!

Student Competitions

Our students learn their academic knowledge and technical skills in very practical methods. We are keen to see what our students are inventing, creating and designing, both in the UTC and in their spare time at home. Send us a photo to our twitter feed or Facebook page @UTCLincoln and show us how ingenious you are!

The Learning Environment & Campus

Lincoln UTC has been designed to reflect the worlds of industry and higher education. Students feel as though they are operating in a working environment, wearing business attire to the UTC each day and operating their day independently from bells. As they work in the UTC they use cutting edge technology in Science, Engineering and Computer Science, reflecting the exciting challenges of the technical industries in which they are immersed. Our facilities have been purposefully designed to meet the needs of our challenging curriculum and our industry partners, who are the future employers of our students.