Whether in the skies above Britain, or in airspaces around the world, it’s the job of the Royal Air Force to protect the United Kingdom against any form of threat. We also act as a force for good in the world – by working to strengthen international peace and security. Forget the stereotype, in the Royal Air Force you’ll find people from every background and with different outlooks and interests. One thing we have in common is that we’re not nine-to-fivers. We take on whatever tasks are required of us to get the job done and rely on our skills and extensive training. “Work hard, play hard” is very much the RAF Ethos.

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Student Competitions

Our students learn their academic knowledge and technical skills in very practical methods. We are keen to see what our students are inventing, creating and designing, both in the UTC and in their spare time at home. Send us a photo to our twitter feed or Facebook page @UTCLincoln and show us how ingenious you are!

The Learning Environment & Campus

Lincoln UTC has been designed to reflect the worlds of industry and higher education. Students feel as though they are operating in a working environment, wearing business attire to the UTC each day and operating their day independently from bells. As they work in the UTC they use cutting edge technology in Science, Engineering and Computer Science, reflecting the exciting challenges of the technical industries in which they are immersed. Our facilities have been purposefully designed to meet the needs of our challenging curriculum and our industry partners, who are the future employers of our students.