Harry Prone Steers Work Experience Week

October 22, 2015 11:15 am

This week Lincoln UTC falls a little quieter. Year 11’s are spread throughout the County on Work Experience week. Each student is placed in businesses to enhance their skills and to equip themselves with real working surroundings. This gives each student an opportunity for hands on skills, a chance to ask questions from the professionals and ultimately to make the first steps in the career.

We begin the week with a guided tour around a new business connection at Audi in Lincoln. Harry Prone was embedded in the workshop to see what the daily life leads in a technicians duties. Andrew Parker, Service Manager at Audi explained how Harry had become part of the morning team briefings, worked happily with the team and had a go at every task ahead of him.

Lincoln UTC are pleased to report Harry is now really looking forward to his career choice as a technician in the motor industry.

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