The number of qualifications a student can study at Lincoln UTC in Years 12 and 13 will depend on the grades they achieve at GCSE. It is always advisable to choose subjects that complement each other and demonstrate to universities and employers that you have a range of skills that are relevant to the course/job you are applying for. To help you decide on your courses you should consider:

- Your interests and subjects that you enjoy
- Your career aspirations
- Your preferred assessment method

A Level courses are two years in length and are very demanding, so the majority of students are expected to select three A Levels.

At Lincoln UTC students can select from the following A Level options:

  • Mathematics*
  • Further Mathematics*
  • Biology*
  • Chemistry*
  • Physics*
  • Computer Science
  • Product Design
  • Business Studies (BTEC equivalent to 1 A Level)
  • Extended Project Qualification



Some subjects are called ‘facilitating subjects’. This means that they offer better preparation for students aiming to apply for courses at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. If students wish to apply to these universities, it is advised that they study at least two of these subjects. These subjects have an asterisk* next to them in the previous list.

It is very important that before embarking on A Level study, students have considered their future career pathway and checked that their chosen courses will enable them to pursue their dreams.


Entry Requirements

Please see Lincoln UTC online application form for the latest entry requirements.

Course Details

Details about specific courses can be found on the website from the 'Students' drop-down tab.

Other Activities

Curriculum Case Studies

Curriculum Case Study: Mathematics

With a Mathematics Department leading the UTC with its outstanding A-Level, GCSE and re-sit results, it is unsurprising that they are attracting staff of national reputation and drawing students back to the mathematical fold. One such student sadly left us at the end of their GCSEs only to return one month into the academic year having realised that outstanding teaching was far more important than an active social life. Missing the support of our excellent personalised learning as well as the guidance of our Mathematics teachers, they have returned only to be faced with another dilemma. The UTC prides itself on its Career Mark 6 status and its belief that every student should experience their own success: consequently the UTC supports its students as they explore all their options, including the opportunity of Apprenticeship balanced against A-Levels. This particular student has been offered an Apprenticeship with a world-renowned super-bike manufacturer or carrying on with Mathematics and Engineering. Needless to say, the UTC and the Mathematics Department in particular will support the decision made, no matter the outcome.

Curriculum Case Study: Biology

Year 12 and 13 students recently attended the Royal Society of Biologists Annual General Meeting at the University of Nottingham. During a fascinating lecture by Professor Steve Diggle they learnt how cross-discipline cooperation can open new avenues of scientific exploration. Professor Diggle revealed how his research group has re-envisaged a 1,000-year-old remedy discovered in a medieval text. The results highlight the scholarship and methodology of pre-modern medical professionals as well as an untapped potential for novel therapeutics in an age where new antibiotics are desperately needed. The students were fascinated to hear that the combination of wine, garlic, onion and cow’s stomach was a highly effective bacteria killer: but only in combination, not separately. By demonstrating 'scientific method' the research group were able to show the efficacy of the treatment but only for very specific bacteria. The students who attended were able to ask questions and will carry out their own research having already made contact with a source of human flesh for the investigations.