Crafting Entrepreneurs at Lincoln UTC

October 5, 2015 8:47 am

In partnership with Bishop Grossteste University honours students came to Lincoln UTC to talk to Year 12’s about a new programme: not just business but how to make a business successful.

To complement the Year 12 Business Studies course, key tools and planning strategies were presented. The key theme of the presentation was; how to turn an idea into a prospering business. How character, ingenuity and hard work are part and essential key ingredients to make an idea a success.
Mr Little, Lincoln UTC Business Studies teacher said: “we are linking with the programme to develop the use of key business tools and such tools that students will continue to use, to perhaps develop and prosper themselves. Our key links with industry really bring to life ideas and formats for the students to see real world context. Not to mention key connections and networking for their future”.

The programme will continue throughout the autumn term and we are looking forward to seeing Bishop Grosseste University again soon.

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