Gaming at Hartsholme Academy

November 10, 2015 3:27 pm

Following the work experience week, back in October 2015, Lincoln UTC was back in Class Nine with their talented Computer Science teacher, Mr Oxspring.

Immersing the pupils in Mario Land Class Nine’s final project was to evolve their understanding of gaming and the computer language of programming. Mr Oxspring took Class nine on a tour of a format programming solution. While seated at the centre of Hatsholme Academy pupils developed virtual ‘sprits’, learnt programming language, techniques to command their game and suddenly, through mathematical logic, the whole class had a digital game created by the pupils!

Mr Oxspring said: “the project collaboration was great, to embed the basic gaming curriculum of programming within a primary school setting allows young minds to energise a new generation of computers programmers; this is my passion and one our students all work to at Lincoln UTC”.

Mr Oxspring’s enthusiasm was outstanding to see and before the end of the day we suddenly had a line of ‘Gamers’ and ‘Programmers’ waiting to start their school year at Lincoln UTC. We certainly think Mr Oxspring has some competition up and coming; here’s to the Computer Science class of 2020!

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