Newsletter 23 January 2017

January 23, 2017 3:25 pm

Dear Reader,

I am delighted to report that our recently launched Rewards Programme is celebrating its first recipients. The following students received tokens in recognition of their outstanding efforts since the beginning of term: Hannah, Nathan and Jay. Pictured are recipients of Brilliant Club graduation certificates.

At the initiative of Mrs Brace and Mrs Doughty, we now have a group of Year 12 students training as peer-mentors. They are already active and have started mentoring Year 11 students, focusing on aligning aspiration with potential. This is an exciting opportunity to use senior students to guide younger ones through the challenging and often difficult period before final GCSE examinations.

You may have heard that a recent review into Government spending has resulted in all UTCs receiving additional support during their ‘start-up’ years. This is a positive and constructive move which reflects the confidence the Government has in the unique education UTCs provide. On Monday 23 January the Prime minister announced an initiative headlining the value of technical and STEM education. We see this as an endorsement of everything we do at Lincoln UTC as we prepare students for employment in these industries so vital to economic growth.

We have a busy week ahead with the Royal Navy giving a presentation to Year 10 students and a visit from Birmingham University to talk to engineers, mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists about the 2000 year old computer known as the Antikythera Mechanism. A film crew from Baker Dearing Trust is also in this week, filming staff and students as they go about the rich menu of lessons and activities they experience at Lincoln UTC. There are mock examinations taking place too, aimed primarily at Year 13 students and others who have final examinations in the summer. Several Year 12 students are participating in the British Biology Olympiad this week: a first for Lincoln UTC and we wish them well.

I am grateful to Mr Hamer and Mrs Leeder who have negotiated the intricacies of our recently installed management information systems (SIMs) to produce reports for all our students using a new format and the centralised data base. You should have received your son’s/daughter’s report by now although we are aware that not all parent/guardian details are correct. If you have not received a report or believe the contact details we hold for you may be out of date, please contact reception.

The cold weather and threats of snow remind me that parents may not be aware of the procedure for school closure. The simplest source of information is our website,, although local radio stations will also publicise this information. Please use these communication routes as we may not be able to staff the school telephones in such circumstances.

You will be aware of the health risks associated with fizzy-drinks. We are concerned that students are consuming large volumes of these drinks at school and, in some circumstances, this is having a negative impact on learning. As a result we have decided to ban drinks marketed as an ‘energy’ or ‘stimulus’ drinks. We will also discourage students from drinking or eating foods with added sugars. I am confident you will support us in this to the benefit of all.

Yours faithfully

Paul Batterbury

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