Newsletter 30 January 2017

January 30, 2017 1:07 pm

During another busy week, KS5 students completed their mock examinations. Results will be published soon and reports sent home. These mocks provide a sense of what needs to be done but are not definitive projections of summer results. Discussions between students and teachers, often with the support of parents, will guide academic focus in the months ahead but nothing can beat high quality, planned revision.

We have had LAGAT in to speak to students about apprenticeships and anyone considering this alternative to FE/HE is urged to contact our careers’ adviser, Mrs Doughty. We have an enviable reputation for placing students into apprenticeships with their work experience employer and for many, the apprenticeship option makes excellent sense. This week the following are presenting to students: British Sugar apprenticeships; Arkwright Scholarships Y12; BSc Degree Food Science Technology apprenticeships (Marsha Myles from MYOPark) to Y13.

I would also like to invite those interested to a talk by Professor Janet Lord from the University of Birmingham entitled ‘Why Granny can’t fight superbugs’. It has a broad brief and will take place at the UTC on Friday 10 February in the morning. Please contact me for further details.

The highlights of last week have to be the BDT film crew and The Antikythera Mechanism. The film crew captured students and staff through interviews and observation as they went about their daily business. The Institute of Physics and the University of Birmingham, at the invitation of Mr Dean Orviss, visited the UTC to give talks to engineers, physicists and Y 11 students about an analogue computer built by the Hellenistic Greeks over 2000 years ago. In a serendipitous application of modern physics to an ancient artefact, today’s scientists using NMR scanning deciphered the inner workings of a universe modelled on mathematics! Following the Mathematics’ theme, our Further Maths specialist, Alan Barker, is holding a FMSP session on Geogebra for Lincolnshire teachers. You will know that our Maths Department is particularly strong and Alan is nationally renowned practitioner.

I am grateful to parents and guardians who continue to support the UTC and its aims. Punctuality, business attire, work ethic and behaviour continue to reflect our high standards as we prepare our students for their place in society.