Newsletter 9 June 2017

June 9, 2017 3:50 pm


09 June 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I apologise for the apparent break in Newsletters. This is due to technical issues following which our various mailing systems became unreliable. I have been posting letters and blogs on the website and am assured that this newsletter can be safely emailed now. We have started the examination period and students are responding to the challenge. If you have a son or daughter taking examinations, please encourage them to sleep and eat well, stick to routines and attend revision support lessons at school. Examination leave is available for Year 13 students but we believe Year 11 students will continue to benefit from tailored support and lessons continue until 16 June.

This term began with me talking to staff about our strong position for 2017/18 and beyond. We have buoyant admission numbers and a strong teaching team assembled. On paper there is an impressive field for the post of Principal and the Board is reviewing applications in readiness for interviews later in June. I will remain in post, at least until Christmas

Just before the mid-term break, Year 12 students visited to RAF Scampton as part of Operation Peregrine. Integrating Science Mathematics and Engineering in series of projects, lectures and visits, students are developing an understanding of the real-life applications of their academic subjects.

Knights Trail

You will have seen the large Knights around Lincoln. We are fortunate to have been provided with a Knight by Siemens who are mentoring a team of our engineers to complete our offering. The all-female team have put together their offering based on Nicola de la Haye:

Nicola de la Haye – Keeper of Lincoln Castle for over 30 years; a noble woman who managed to hold her own in a man’s world. This sculpture is created by a team of modern day Nicolas who are breaking the mould in today’s society by studying engineering, mathematics and science at the Lincoln UTC. The design reflects both the progress and the continuity of engineering through the ages as metal work became more sophisticated and its occurrence as an engineering material more and more significant: as have women through the ages.

During the Easter break four UTC students sat the 2017 Euclid Contest held by the Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The contest is meant for students in their final year of high school and was sat by Dominic McMillan, Toby Reichelt, Chad Taylor, and Cameron Wood. Year 10 student, Seth Gaskell, sat the paper for the 2017 Fryer Contest. The average score for this contest was 26.1/40 and with an individual score of 37 out of 40, Seth ranked in the top 25th percentile of all 6262 students who wrote the contest. In fact, only 35 students or so from around the world did better than Seth. Certificate and medals are to be awarded at the earlier convenience, but in the meantime please join me in congratulating Seth for his achievement. Although an individual contest, a common metric for comparison is the Team Score which consists of the top three scores from each school. Lincoln UTC placed very well in the Team Score with a score of 158 out of a possible 300 which was good enough to place 197th out of the 1614 schools from around the world that participated. Furthermore, with an individual score of 64, Cameron Wood ranked in the top 25th percentile of all 21072 students who wrote the paper.

Year 10 Triple Science students, Bailey Mays and Jay Goldsmith-Wyatt took part in the Biology Challenge and both received Silver Certificate for scoring between 70 and 76%. Just nine percent of the 7,500 entrants received a Silver, with five per cent scoring 77% or higher. Organised by The Royal Society of Biology, the Biology Challenge was open to 13-15-year-old pupils across the UK and aims to encourage an interest in biology beyond the school curriculum and stimulate curiosity in the natural world.

In life guidance we are showing the television series, ‘Three Girls’. This is raising some interesting issues and I would like to remind all parents about their role in protecting our young people. We can provide all sorts of support: social media; e-safety; health, radicalisation. Please do contact us if you are concerned. We recently held a highly successful Cultural Submersion Day to address some of the issues our students face. Cultural Submersion Day is a day when everyone in a year group is taken off timetable and local representatives from different faiths, religions and multicultural groups are invited to deliver sessions, culminating in a panel Question & Answer session for the whole year at the end of the morning. The idea of the day is to think big, explore difficult questions with experts, learn more about different cultures and experience something new.


Naturally we held our own vote and, like the rest of the country, a very mixed picture developed. Lincoln UTC Votes Total:

  • The Labour party = 43
  • The Conservative Party = 30
  • UKIP = 18
  • The Green party = 15
  • The Liberal Democrats = 7


  • Work Experience 26 June – 30 June with additional work experience for some students the following week
  • Internal Mock Exams: Year 10 and Year 12 w/b 3 July. Holding a ‘How to Revise’ evening on 19 June.
  • Proms Both to be held at The Collection
    • Year 13 £20 Friday 14 July 1930 – 2230; Year 11 Tuesday 27 June 1930 – 2230
  • Lincolnshire Show 21 – 22 June
    • Students wishing to attend must have written permission from home and letters to this effect, have been distributed
  • Awards Evening Monday 10 July 1930 for Year 12 and Year 10 Students, with invitations to all as well as Award Winners and the Highly Commended

Yours sincerely

Paul Batterbury


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