Tourism vs. the Environment

June 20, 2015 9:16 am

A key question was asked of our Year 10 geographers: the necessity of tourism to support the development of culture and the economy.  Can the City of Lincoln thrive on growing tourist levels, or, will it loose a historic identity and be environmentally damaged as a result? Year 10 geography students did not sit in a classroom to explore this topic. Taking to the historic location of Steep Hill, the students went out to ask local people, businesses and tourists what their opinions were. With the recent celebrations of the Magna Carta weekend and the curiosity in the City of the Barons Trail, we certainly have a research topic that brings a topical question to the forefront of discussion. You need only look up and marvel at the Cathedral and see the environmental punishment this wondrous building has sustained. Year 10’s are just beginning to explore the necessity of tourism for an economy, the balance we have to find in environmental harm and the responsibility the City of Lincoln has in being custodians to great historical attractions.

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